ALERT:  As of Thursday, January 19th, ALL RSD schools are running on a regular school schedule!

As of Thursday, January 19th, we will be running a regular school schedule for all schools.  We received clearance for Tumalo Community School at 9:40pm on Wednesday evening.

With the disturbing news of several other large roof collapses in the area, we are pleased to share again that our schools have not experienced any structural damage. As soon as snow removal efforts are complete at Tumalo, our RSD crew’s focus will turn toward snow melt and runoff management. If you make your way around town today, you’ll quickly notice the amount of slush that is now covering side streets, parking lots, sidewalks, etc. We’ll do our best to get around to our schools to clear as best we can and we are confident the City and County crews will be doing their best to clear roads just the same. Please be patient as crews continue to work around-the-clock to make our streets and schools as safe as possible.

We anticipate that our schools will most likely experience some level of leakage as a result of ice dams, warm temperatures and snow runoff.  An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow (water) from draining off the roof. The water that backs up behind the dam can leak into the building.  We have been ensured by our engineers that evidence of water leaks are not always a sign that a roof has been structurally compromised. We do anticipate some leaking and seepage throughout the coming days.

Again, thank you for your continued patience and understanding.


Student safety is a priority at Redmond School District.  We take careful precaution when inclement weather strikes to ensure the safety of our students and their families.  Decisions regarding inclement weather delays or school cancellations are made in the early morning, before school.  Once the decision to delay and/or close has been made, that information is communicated to parents using the District’s automated phone system, on the District website, Facebook and immediately through local media outlets.

We understand that decisions about school schedules and bus route changes have an impact on our families.  We appreciate your patience during these situations.   While we know that our students and families are best served when we are open, our main concern is the safety of our students and staff. If you feel that current weather conditions are unsafe, the District respects your decision to keep your student(s) home for the day. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

District’s Automated Phone System

Redmond School District uses an autodialer system that calls and texts the phone number you have on file at your child’s school in the event of inclement weather or emergency notifications.  Please ensure that your profile is up to date at your student’s school.

As always, please call our district office at 541-923-5437 if you have any questions!